Alessandro Achille PhD student

University of California, Los Angeles
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I am a PhD candidate at the Computer Science Department of UCLA, working with Prof. Stefano Soatto in the Vision Lab. During my PhD I have also been a research scientist intern at Deep Mind and AmazonAI. My research interests include representation learning,information theory, variational inference, deep learning and their applications to computer vision.

Before coming to UCLA, I obtained a Master in Pure Math at the Scuola Normale Superiore and the University of Pisa, where I studied model theory, algebraic topology, and their intersection with Prof. Alessandro Berarducci. During that period, I have also been a visiting student at the University of Leeds Math department.


CS103 at Caltech: Topics in Representation Learning, Information Theory and Control


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  • A. Achille, A. Berarducci
    A Vietoris-Smale mapping theorem for the homotopy of hyperdefinable sets
    Selecta Mathematica
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      abstract = {Results of Smale (1957) and Dugundji (1969) allow to compare the homotopy groups of two topological spaces X and Y whenever a map f:X→Y with strong connectivity conditions on the fibers is given. We can apply similar techniques to compare the homotopy of spaces living in different categories, for instance an abelian variety over an algebraically closed field, and a real torus. More generally, working in o-minimal expansions of fields, we compare the o-minimal homotopy of a definable set X with the homotopy of some of its bounded hyperdefinable quotients X/E. Under suitable assumption, we show that pi_n^def(X)=pi_n(X/E) and dim(X)=dim_R(X/E). As a special case, given a definably compact group, we obtain a new proof of Pillay's group conjecture dim(G)=dim_R(G/G00)€ largely independent of the group structure of G. We also obtain different proofs of various comparison results between classical and o-minimal homotopy.}

Earlier work

  • A. Achille
    On definable groups in o-minimal and NIP settings
    MSc thesis, University of Pisa, 2015